Will Surfkollen work even if I have erased my browser history?
Surfkollen checks your saved browser history for the past 7 days. This means that if you have deleted your history in the past 7 days, your results will not show accurate statistics.
Will Surfkollen be able to see exactly what pages I have visited?
Surfkollen will only check the home domain names. For example, it will appear that you have visited but it will not show specific profiles-, groups- or event-pages.
What if I do not want Surfkollen to see exactly what pages I have visited?
Surfkollen will only gather information from the top three visited web sites. The service will neither save nor publish your results anywhere. You are the only one who will be able to see your results and it is up to you if you choose to share your Surf selfie or not.
Do I have to download and install Surfkollen in order for it to work?
Yes, Surfkollen is a plug-in that is quick and easy to download and install into your preferred browser. When you install Surfkollen you approve that it gathers information from your browser history, this is how the service collects your online statistics.
Which browsers will Surfkollen work on?
You may use Surfkollen on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. It you are not currently using any of these two; you can download either of them and then transfer your browser history for Surfkollen to work. See “Can I use Surfkollen if I have Safari?”
Can I use Surfkollen if I have Safari or Internet Explorer?
Unfortunately, Surfkollen does not work on Safari or Internet Explorer. However, you can download Google Chrome and then choose to transfer your browser history. After doing so, you will be able to use Surfkollen in your new browser.

  • 1. Download Google Chrome
  • 2. Once the installation is done, open up your web browser and click on “Chrome” in the browser menu.
  • 3. Choose “Import Bookmarks and Settings”
  • 4. Choose which browser history you want to import the information from
  • 5. Done! You are now ready to use Surfkollen in Google Chrome
Can I use Surfkollen on my cell phone in order to see my online activity?
Surfkollen only works on your computer browser, it cannot check your online activity on your cell phone.
Kan jag använda Surfkollen flera gånger?
Ja, när du installerat pluginen kan du använda Surfkollen hur många gånger du vill för att ha koll på ditt surfande. Det enda du behöver göra är att gå in på


About Surfkollen

Surfkollen is a plugin that analyses your browser history to see how you spend your week on the Internet. It checks your online habits, from which sites you visit the most; to what day of the week you do it. The outcome is a Surf Selfie that summarises your online activity for the last week.

Privacy Policy
When you install Surfkollen you agree that the service uses your browsing history from the past 7 days. Surfkollen will neither save nor publish the retrieved information or your online statistics.

Your online habits may say more about you than you think
Surfkollen is an initiative of Nackademin, an educational company offering over 10 different vocational courses in IT. We believe that the more time you spend online, the more you know about IT, like what a user-friendly website should feel like or what kind of features work best in a certain online context. Learn more and apply for courses at


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